COVID-19 Response

Dear Patrons,
During the ongoing pandemic, we are compelled to only do mail order and pick-up.

Call and tell us the teas you want and the quantity, and we will pack them for you beforehand. When you come by, please wait outside and we’ll provide a receptacle for you to place your credit card or cash. We’ll be open from 12:00 to 5:00 PM.

We are currently experiencing some minor hiccups in our supply chain, so orders will be filled as long as we have the supply.

I know this sounds like a Soviet era transaction, an exchange of prisoners, but what the hell; you want to be well and so do we.

Please call us at 612.871.5148 (Local) or 888.871.5148 (Toll Free).

We have resumed in-person and mail-order sales. The salon will resume service when authorities allow.